Special Session 3

Nanotechnology for materials and devices applied to solar and thermal energy conversion (SS3)

The use of nanotechnology and nanotools continuously allows to exploit the properties of materials at low dimensionality and to take full advantage of the resulting devices’ performance. Systems developed at the nanoscale drive the route towards higher efficiency in materials usage and definitively higher energy efficiency, which corresponds to higher environmental and economic sustainability.

This session is dedicated to the most recent and groundbreaking developments of nanomaterials and nanocomponents that play a significant role in the conversion of solar radiation and recovery of heat.


The main topics of interest are:

  • Emerging nanomaterials for solar and thermal energy conversion and storage.
  • Ultra-high temperature nanomaterials.
  • Generators, hybrid devices and batteries based on nano-systems for storage and conversion of solar and thermal energy.
  • Nano-architectures for solid-state thermal-to-electrical converters (thermoelectric, thermionic, thermophotovoltaic, pyroelectric and electrocaloric).
  • Novel nanotechnology approaches for development of photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic cells.




Dr. Alessandro Bellucci
Institute for Structure of Matter of
National Research Council of Italy (ISM-CNR)


‘Diverse Paths in Nanotechnology Addressing the Energy Efficiency Challenge’
Abstract (PDF)

Dr. Daniele M. Trucchi
Institute for Structure of Matter of National Research Council of Italy (ISM-CNR)  

‘Nanotechnology for Materials and Devices Applied to Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion’
Abstract (PDF)





‘Graphene Oxide as Versatile Tool to Investigate Low-Dimensional Systems on Large-Scale’
Dr. Andrea Liscio
National Research Council of Italy (IMM-CNR),
Abstract (PDF)

‘Perovskite Solar Cell Technology: Materials, Printing and Engineering Routes Towards the Module Upscaling’
Dr. Luigi Vesce
Tor Vergata University of Rome,
Abstract (PDF)


‘Novel absorber materials for solar thermal applications: Nanofluids and High Temperature Ceramics’
Dr. Elisa Sani
National Research Council (CNR-INO),
Abstract (PDF)

‘Innovative Strategies in BIPV: Materials for Transparent Photovoltaics based on Wavelength Selective Solar Cells’
Dr. Simone Galliano
University of Torino,
Abstract (PDF)

‘Energy filtering of slow electrons by selective scattering or potential barriers allows for ultra-high thermoelectric power factors in metals and semimetals’
Dr. Patrizio Graziosi
CNR-ISMN, Bologna,
Abstract (PDF)

‘High-Temperature Solid-State Nanotextured Converters for Concentrated Solar Energy’
Dr. Andrea Orsini
Institute for Structure of Matter ISM-CNR,
Abstract (PDF)

‘Evaluation of Hydrogen Production by Black Diamond-Based Photoelectrochemical Converters through the SPEEDHY Project Concept’
Prof. Rosa Turco
University of Naples Federico II,
Abstract (PDF)