ONLY for those who are affected by travel restrictions.

All virtual contributions (oral or poster presentations) will be given, during the conference, as a live stream.

If you are live-streaming your talk, we will be granting you 'co-host' status for the duration of your talk, allowing you to share your screen, i.e. your presentation.

Please ensure that your equipment works as intended. The ZOOM app allows you to check the video and audio output beforehand, without necessitating to be connected to the meeting room.

You can watch the virtual and face-to-face presentations trough ZOOM.

For this to work, you must have ZOOM installed on your device (, or alternatively, join the meetings directly from your browser ( - if you have not used ZOOM before, please have a look at these guides beforehand, or email us with any queries or issues.

If you have any questions during the live-streamed talks/face-to-face, please wait until the end and you will have the opportunity to pose any questions, using your microphone or the ZOOM chat function.

Authors must create a short video of at most 5 minutes, or submit an explanatory accompanying text that will be used during the virtual poster session. The poster must be in portrait orientation, A1 size and be submitted in pdf format.

Please follow the POSTER TEMPLATE / check

Kindly send us your poster (with explanatory video .mp4 or text) until the 15th of May 2024.

480 EURO (deadline: 1 JUNE 2024)

Registration fee includes:
  • access to the conference (talks, posters, questions, debates) via live stream
  • abstract book (online version in PDF format)
  • all printed material of the conference will be delivered to your mailing address
  • publication

Full papers can be submitted until 15 July, 2024.

Please note that virtual and face-to-face presentation receive the same consideration for publication.

More details at: