Special Session 4

Hydrogen & P2X Technologies (SS4)

We extend a warm invitation to our distinguished colleagues, experts and students to join our upcoming symposium, "Hydrogen and Power-to-X: Transforming Energy Landscapes for a Sustainable Future." This symposium serves as a pivotal platform for the convergence of researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers, fostering exploration into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities within hydrogen production, storage, and utilization, along with the groundbreaking applications of Power-to-X technologies.

In an era where the global community is intensifying its commitment to sustainability and combating climate change, hydrogen emerges as the linchpin for unlocking a greener and cleaner future. Against the backdrop of burgeoning H2 infrastructure initiatives and the development of projects in hard-to-abate sectors, Hydrogen & P2X 2024 aims to propel discussions to new heights, delving deeper into the latest advancements, industry-critical discussions, and groundbreaking innovations that will shape the hydrogen landscape.


Key Themes and Topics:

  1. Green Hydrogen Production:
  1. Innovations in Green Hydrogen and its Derivatives
  2. Advancements in Fuel Cells and Electrolysers


  1. Carbon Capture Technologies:
  1. Cutting-edge Approaches to Carbon Capture
  2. Synergies between Hydrogen and Carbon Capture


  1. Solar Water Splitting:
  1. Harnessing Solar Energy for Efficient Water Splitting


  1. Catalyst Materials in Hydrogen Research:
  1. Advances in Catalyst Materials for Hydrogen Technologies
  2. Catalytic Processes for Enhanced Hydrogen Production


  1. Ionic Conductors:
  1. Ionic Conductors in Electrolysis and Storage Technologies


  1. Hydrogen Storage Technologies:
  1. Breakthroughs in Hydrogen Storage Methods
  2. Integration of Hydrogen Storage in Energy Systems


  1. Battery Technologies and Safety:
  1. Innovations in Battery Technologies
  2. Addressing Safety Concerns in Battery Applications


  1. Hydrogen Safety:
  1. Ensuring Safety Protocols in Hydrogen Handling and Usage
  2. Risk Mitigation Strategies for Hydrogen Applications


  1. Hydrogen Transport:
  1. Advancements in Hydrogen Transportation Technologies
  2. Infrastructure Development for Hydrogen Transport


  1. Additive Manufacturing for Energy Applications:
  1. Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Energy Sector
  2. 3D Printing in Hydrogen and P2X Technologies


  1. Fuel Cells for Vehicles:
  1. Progress in Fuel Cell Technologies for Vehicle Applications
  2. Integration of Fuel Cells in Transportation Systems


  1. Hydrogen for Diverse Applications:
  1. Hydrogen (including Derivatives like Ammonia) in Maritime, Space, Vehicles, Stationary, and Portable Applications
  2. Innovative Use Cases for Hydrogen in Various Sectors


  1. Novel Cell Designs and Technologies:
  1. Emerging Cell Designs for Hydrogen Production, Conversion, and Storage
  2. Technological Breakthroughs in Cell Technologies


  1. Modeling and Simulation:
  1. Computational Models and Simulation Techniques for Hydrogen Technologies
  2. Predictive Modeling for Performance Optimization




Prof. Muhammad Imran Asghar
Tampere University,




‘Hydrogen and membrane engineering in the field of Green Energy: industrial impacts, social dimension and perspectives’
Dr. Adolfo Iulianelli
University of Calabria,
Short Bio (PDF)
Abstract (PDF)

‘Development of 3D Printed Catalytic Beds to Enhance Hydrogen-Based Technologies (Ammonia Synthesis and Decomposition)’
Dr. Antonio Vita
Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies
”Nicola Giordano” (CNR-ITAE),
Short Bio (PDF)
Abstract (PDF)